Dual Sequential Fine Particle Sampler-Model URG-2000-01K

The URG Dual Sequential Fine Particle Sampler collects aerosols, semi-volatile organic compounds and mass in pre-set time sequences. It can be programmed to collect up to four pairs of samples in parallel for comparison and quality assurance. The system can be left unattended for up to four days making it ideal for remote areas.

  • Collects Four Pairs of Samples in Parallel
  • Collects Aerosols, SVOCs, and Mass
  • Low Maintenance - Ideal for Remote Areas
  • Capable of Viewing and Programming Multiple Settings for Different Sampling Time Periods
  • Internal Components are Interchangeable (Filter Holders, Annular Denuders, and PUFs)
  • Volumetric Flow Control, Constant Temperature Control

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Versatile Air Pollutant Sampler-Model URG-3000K

The URG Versatile Air Pollutant Sampler (VAPS) allows for the simultaneous measurement of a variety of air quality parameters. The virtual impactor used in the VAPS is a modification of the virtual impactor system approved by the USEPA for compliance monitoring of PM-10. The VAPS virtual impactor operates at 32Lpm. The coarse particles travel straight through the center channel and are collected on a filter. The fine particles travel through the left and right channels. Annular denuders on the left channel collect any reactive acidic and basic gases. A polyurethane foam sampler (PUF) on the right channel collects higher molecular weight organic vapors.

  • Designed to Collect Both Coarse Particles (2.5 µm to 10 µm) and Fine Particles with Little or No Interference from Sampling Artifacts
  • Three Samples Taken Simultaneously
  • Virtual Impactor Inlet, Concentrates the Samples for Characterization by State-of-the-Art Analytical Methods, Ion Chromatography, XRF, HPLC, and GL

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URG Carbon Sampler-Model 3000N

The URG-3000N is designed to sample for organic and elemental carbon found in ambient PM-2.5. The measurement of ambient carbon species is an important part of the United States National PM-2.5µm Chemical Speciation Network (CSN).

The URG-3000N has been designed for the USEPA to achieve comparable data with the carbon measurements of the Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments (IMPROVE) PM-2.5 carbon module.

  • Collects PM-2.5 particles on quartz filters. These filters are analyzed for organic and elemental carbon using Thermal Optical Reflective (TOR) analysis method
  • 1-in-3 day or 1-in-6 day filter sampling
  • Active volumetric flow control
  • Self-supporting stand to allow easy access to sampler and provide protection in field operation
  • User-friendly keypad for all operator interfacing

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URG Medium Volume Particulate Sampler - Model 3000ABC

The URG Medium Volume Particulate Sampler allows for simultaneous measurements of a variety of air quality parameters. This sampler collects four PM-2.5 and four PM-10 samples simultaneously and the flow on all eight channels is controlled by critical orifices. The enclosure is designed to accommodate additional sampling components such as annular denuders and PUF samplers, making it ideal for many sampling scenarios.

  • Can Collect Multiple PM-2.5 and PM-10 Samples Simultaneously
  • Eight Flow Rates Controlled by Critical Orifices
  • Enclosure has Sufficient Space for Multiple Sampling Configurations Including Annular Denuders, Filter Holders and PUF Samplers

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