Trace Moisture Analyzer for Ultra-High-Purity Gases

The HALO 3 trace gas analyzer provides users with the unmatched accuracy, reliability, speed of response and ease of operation that users of Tiger Optics analyzers have come to expect. 

Features of the HALO 3 include:

  • Tiger Optics' patented Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy-based trace gas sensor
  • A very compact analyzer footprint
  • Ability to measure moisture in most inert, corrosive and toxic gases with just one device
  • Freedom from requirements such as periodic sensor maintenance, span calibrations, purifier replacement and pump rebuilds



    HALO 3 CH4


    Trace Methane Analyzer for High-Purity Gases

  • Designed for trace level methane analysis, the HALO 3 CH 4 offers:

  • Low single digit parts per billion (ppb) methane detection capability in an array of gases

  • Absolute measurement (freedom from calibration gases)

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Low cost of ownership and operational simplicity

  • Clean technology � no external calibration gases required

  • Compact analyzer footprint

  • more

    Prismatic 2

    Broadband Multi-species Analyzer

    With the advent of the Prismatic 2 laser-based, multi-species trace gas analyzer, Tiger Optics takes a quantum leap forward. With a combined electronics and sensor module that can simultaneously measures multiple analytes in a wide variety of background gases, the PrismaticTM 2 offers precise analysis over a vast dynamic range. You can select multiple species of interest from a sizable and growing detection list, including moisture, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. 




    World�s Best Ultra-Trace O2 Analyzer

    Super-compact and affordable, Tiger�s new HALO OK fits neatly into a portable cart or instrument rack for easy, accurate and maintenance-free operation. Verify oxygen impurity levels with part-per-trillion accuracy, drift-free stability and instantaneous response. With its patented catalytic conversion technique, utilizing a minute amount of hydrogen to cleanly and safely convert oxygen to moisture, the OK offers a fully laser-based solution for your process.

    Pair the new HALO OK with our HALO KA or HALO 3 for ppt-level moisture measurement to enjoy the many advantages of profit-boosting CRDS technology for both critical contaminants.


    TIGER-i 2000 HF

    Designed for ambient molecular contaminants, the compact Tiger-i 2000 offers:

  • Accuracy traceable to the world�s major national reference labs

  • Specificity � no ozone or other interference

  • Sub-ppb detection capability

  • Freedom from the need for span calibrations

  • No periodic sensor replacement/maintenance

  • Great sensitivity

  • Wide dynamic range

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