Minivap & Ultravap

MiniVap® Gemini Sample Concentrator 


Porvair nitrogen blow down evaporators have for many years been a central resource for sample preparation in the laboratory. The ability to safely and easily remove organic and chromatographic solvents from samples is vitally important. Samples can be dried down and re-constituted in a more suitable solvent, or they may simply be concentrated before analysis to increase sensitivity. 


1.   Simultaneously dry two plates

2.   Individual gas and temperature setting for each plate

3.   Choice of evaporate heads

4.   Compact, lightweight design



The MiniVap® is purpose designed for low usage research and development departments where low numbers of individual plates or vials need drying. The MiniVap® is simple to operate and maintain. Installation requires only connection to a gas supply and standard mains socket. With manual control of the needle depth, gas temperature and flow rate, it allows fine control and quicker drying times than other standard methods.


1.             Quicker dry down times than standard methods such as vacuum oven

2.             Tests have shown that the MiniVap® can evaporate 500 μl of methanol in less

          than 6 minutes

3.             Designed for any ANSI/SLAS 96-well plate

4.             24 & 48 vial heads now available




Ultravap® Levante Sample Concentrator 

The Ultravap® Levante therefore meets the requirements of most busy laboratories for removal of chromatographic solvents prior to LC/MS analysis, dry recovery or reconstitution. It is a flexible, efficient, workhorse instrument with the possibility of remote control and full automation with robots having extended gripper arms.



1.           Robot-compatible dry down station for LCMS applications

2.           Intuitive graphical colour touch screen display

3.           Up to five stored evaporation programmes

4.           RS232 connection with full remote control command set

5.           Built-in fume management and optional duct connector

6.           Faster evaporation times

7.           Choice of 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well heads



Ultravap® Mistral Sample Concentrator 


The Ultravap® Mistral may be operated with a supply of clean, dry compressed air in place of nitrogen, if the chemistry allows. The new Ultravap® Mistral is the latest development of Porvair Sciences’ highly successful Ultravap® line of blow down evaporators and sample concentrators. It has been designed in close co-operation with the leading suppliers of laboratory liquid handling robots and is suitable for integration directly with the following manufacturers’ robots:

1.    Hamilton Robotics – Star

2.    Tecan – Freedom Evo

3.    Perkin Elmer – Janus

4.    Beckman Coulter – Biomek








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