POLARIS Docking Station SE – NMHC, perfectly integrated non-methane analysis

POLARIS Docking Station SE – NMHC s an external catalyst for the automatic analysis of Methane / NMHC. POLARIS FID SE controls the Docking Station to measure sequentially total hydrocarbons and/or methane only. Automatically it calculates the difference between them reporting the NMHC value. The Docking Station also powers POLARIS FID SE and heated lines. Optional internal temperature controller for the heated line, range 80°C – 200°C. Docking station is developed and tested according to the performance criteria of the EN25140:2010 for methane and not-methane analysis.

POLARIS Docking Station SE – NMHC:
  • Size and Weight: 330 (W) x 110 (H) x 330 (D) mm, 7 Kg
  • Power Supply: 110 – 240VAC
  • Measurement: Automatic – Methane, Total Hydrocarbons; NMHC (calculated)
  • Optional: Temperature controller (80-200°) and power for sampling line
  • Compliance and Certification: EN ISO25140:2010

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PyxisGC BTEX is a compact analyser for the real time monitoring of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene in ambient air. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor application both. PyxisGC BTEX is manufactured by Pollution Analytical Equipment and it is compliant with EN14662-3:2015.

PyxisGC BTEX can measure those compounds thanks to the MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) pre-concentrator, GC separation column, based on a proprietary silicon micromachined chip and the miniaturized Photoionization detector (PID) that quantifies the peaks.

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Fast on-line analysis, where you need it

The micro GC GCX is a powerful GC solution that provides fast, accurate, reliable analysis of gas samples. It is ideal for Quality and Process applications. Its rugged construction ensures long-term, trouble-free operation. Due to its configuration can be placed in 19″ rack.

Applications Micro GC GCX
  • Natural Gas and Biogas composition and Heating Value
  • Odorants (THT, TBM etc.)
  • Alternative Energy (Fuel-cell, Bio-methane)
  • Hydrocarbons (Refi neries, Methane, etc.)
  • Chemical and Process Industries
  • Fermentation Process
  • Industrial Hygiene and Worker Safety
  • Industrial Emissions
  • Custom Solutions

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