Nano Tracer XP

Airborne ultra-fine and nanoparticles pose a recognized threat to hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. When inhaled they are deposited deep in the lungs, where they can lead to respiratory problems and other illnesses. Present in everything from vehicle exhausts, chemicals and tobacco smoke to emissions from gas cookers and industrial processes like nanoparticle production and welding, these invisible particles can have a serious impact on our health and well-being.

Simple, handy yet accurate real-time monitoring The Oxility NanoTracer is a hand-held monitoring device that enables real-time measurement of the total number and average diameter of airborne ultrafine particles (UFP) and nanosized particles.


         Integrated calculation of Lung-deposited-Surface-Area (LDSA)

         Faster measurement in "Advanced Mode" (10 seconds sampling time)

         Increased measurement range to included UFP between 10-300 nm (20-120 nm average diameter)

         Longer battery life, allowing over 8 hrs of continuous measurement

         Integrated monitoring and self-check capabilities improving quality of your data and reliable campaign  planning







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