MIRICO, United Kingdom

Laser Isotope Ratiometer

A robust field deployable stable isotope analyser

The Laser Isotope Ratiometer (LIR) is a new innovative technique used to measure the ratio of stable isotopes of a given molecule. The current system has been demonstrated for 13C:12C (δ13) analysis in CO2. The instrument is designed to offer high precision, real time measurements in a compact and robust package. The instrument was designed to include an on-board calibration system for autonomous operation and enhanced stability and accuracy. Laser based techniques have been developed that overcome several limitations of IRMS including real time analysis and portability. However, laser techniques developed to-date commonly apply high precision optical cavities as the basis of operation which rely on high reflectivity optics in order to achieve near equivalent precision as IRMS.


  • Field deployable analyser capable of real time d13C for CO2.

  • Built in auto-calibration system, far reduced operation costs and maintenance.

  • Built in reference systems ensures stability and accuracy over greater period of time.

  • High precision, <0.15 � in 35s measurement.

  • Highly compact footprint, making it highly portable.

  • Platform system that can be configured for other stable isotopes using the same principles.

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    Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy

    A unique approach to gas sensing

    LDS (Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy), is a new gas sensing technique that applies a novel approach tunable diode laser spectroscopy. Common techniques depend on measuring detected intensity to derive concentration. This significantly impacts measurements in �dirty� environments where detected intensity of the transmitted light is bound to fluctuate. MIRICO�s LDS instrument derives concentration using the phase of light. This makes it highly immune to intensity fluctuations received at the photodetector. The instrument enables precise, real time measurements of trace gases molecules in demanding environments. Furthermore the analyser can measure gas concentrations from parts per billion all the way to 90% without the requirement for dilution.







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