Mutliwavelength Thermal/Optical Carbon Analyzer

The DRI Model 2015 Multiwavelength Thermal/Optical Carbon Analyzer enhances the widely-used DRI Model 2001 system for quantifying organic carbon (OC), elemental carbon (EC, also termed Black Carbon [BC]), and temperature-separated carbon fractions on aerosol filter deposits. The Model 2015 retains OC and EC consistency with previous measurements while reducing costs of supplies and maintenance compared with the Model 2001. It replaces the 633 nm optical monitoring that accounts for OC charring with reflected (R) and transmitted (T) intensities at wavelengths of 405, 445, 532, 635, 780, 808, and 980 nm. The additional optical information can be used to estimate multiwavelength light absorption of the sampled particles, quantify the concentration of brown carbon (BrC) in each sample, and further complement the use of carbon fractions in source apportionment studies. Model 2015 software includes temperature programs for commonly-used protocols such as IMPROVE_A, EUSAAR, and NIOSH, and it can be programmed to emulate any other protocol. The simultaneous measurement of both R and T at all wavelengths throughout each analysis allows for reproducing any other thermal/optical method and holds potential for better characterizing additional properties of the carbonaceous aerosol.


Air quality and climate change research

Particulate Matter (PM) speciation trends networks

PM source apportionment

Carbonaceous material analysis

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