ARA P170,

CO2 Incubator

- Temperature Control Accuracy: ± 0.2

- Fanless

Products Features
  • Direct heating with unique insulation structure CO2 incubator Internal max. capacity 170 L
  • No fan, no vibration, no maintenance of HEPA filter, no spread-out of contamination
  • Maximized inner space by no fan structure
  • Easy to clean interior and big water pan Dual beam NDIR CO2 sensor
  • Intuitive 7" control screen and informative display
  • USB port for data tracking

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ARA M/MD Series

Upright Type Deep Freezer

- Capacity : ​85, 317, 404, 514,732, 876 Lit.

- Capacity : ​85, 317, 404, 514,732, 876 Lit.

Temperature range : -86℃/-80℃ ~ -65℃/-60℃

or -95℃/-90℃ ~ -65℃/-60℃

Compressor : Single ​or Dual Independent

Product Features
  • Fast pull-down and recovery to optimal storage temperature (500L Dual / -95℃, 700L Dual / -90℃)
  • Unique pin-less Block Condenser and Independent Compressor (single or dual selectable) structures
  • Failure free Dual Brain PCB and dual Independent Compressor systems ​
  • Effortless Auto-Door with safe lock& unlock function (optional manual door is available)
  • Controllable ECO mode of dual compressor model for energy saving operation
  • Informative 7” display and touch screen control
  • Data tracking and storage to chart recorder or through USB transfer
  • Alarm warning of text message transfer to max. 5 users
  • No need of dust cleaning by very simple compressor and condenser structure
  • LCO2 or LN2 backup system is available

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- Low speed centrifuge

- Max. RPM: 5,000 rpm

- Max RCF fixed angle: 3983 x g

- Max RCF swing-out: 4218 xg

- Temp. range -10ºC~40ºC

- Capacity: 100mL x 4 (swing out)

- Dimension(W x D x H):584 x 551 x 317

Product Features
  • Usage of 10 x 50 mL conical tubes for fixed angle rotors, 8 x 50mL conical tubes for swing-out rotors.
  • Spin up 32 tubes of all volumes of vacutainer at one time
  • Various rotors, buckets and adaptors including 2 x 2 microplate
  • Oustanding sensitive sample separations with 9/10 acceleration and deceleration stages
  • Accurate experiment with "At set speed" time counting
  • Easy to set with numeric key pad
  • 100 program memory
  • Very quiet and static operation
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel chamber and UV resistance exterior
  • Outstanding safety and durability with two steel
  • Store tools and the balance in the side pocket
  • Fast cool function

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HyperCOOL 3110

Freeze Dryers & Cooling Traps

Ultimate Chamber Temp (at RT) : -110℃

ICE condensing capacity: 3kg

Chamber Volume : 4 L

Trap (Chamber) Size (Ø x L) : 165 x 202 mm

Dimension(W x D x H): 400 x 660 x 570 mm

Weight: 72 kg

Product Features
  • Effective for fast freeze drying of any samples
  • HyperVAC-MAX empowered by HyperCOOL guarantees capacity and performance at higher level.
  • HyperCOOL by itself, when equipped with manifolds or chambers, becomes a versatile freeze dryer.
  • Extended applications for concentrating wider range or larger volume of solvents.
  • The compatible vacuum rotary vane pump generates vacuum down inside the chamber.
  • Up to 8 external bottles can be accommodated by the manifolds of HyperCOOL.
  • Automatic De-Vac and De-Ice functions installed

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Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators

Max. RPM : 2,000 rpm

Dimension(W x D x H): 375 x 445 x 252 mm

Weight: 22.5 kg

Product Features
  • Tabletop centrifugal concentrators with high space efficiency
  • Equipped with a diaphragm pump (7 mbar) optimal for volatile chemical solvents
  • Accommodates a wide range of sample containers: 0.5, 2.0, 15, 50 mL tubes and microplates
  • Automatic control and digital reading of TIME, TEMP and VAC
  • Efficient cold trapping by employing drip catcher kit with ice cold trap
  • Effective concentration of nucleic acids or small volume of organic solvents

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