One Drop Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer


BioSpiN HC-24


Real Time PCR System

OneDrop Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

OneDrop is a conventional laboratory equipment, not only widely used in molecular biological experiments such as DNA, RNA, protein detection, but also used in absorbance detection for the general substance analysis. It includes three common detections to the nucleic acids, nucleic acid markers and proteins. The variable pathlength of OneDrop realizes both the minimum sample volume detection as low as 0.5μL, suitable for precious samples, and the detection to the high concentration including the liquid drop, it builds in the standard cuvette detection module for more use.



BioSpin HC-24 High Speed Centrifuge

HC-24 high speed centrifuge with 24-place capacity rotors are the new designed for the laboratory centrifuge. Their speed of up to 15,000rpm (21,400×g) allows for molecular biology applications in 0.2ml,0.5ml,1.5/2.0ml and PCR tubes. Both models have the soft-brake function to protect sensitive samples. Refrigerated Centrifuge HC-24R features state of the cooling function to ensure energy efficiency and high temperature accuracy for maximum sample protection.





The LIGHTGene Pro real-time PCR instrument provides unmatched performance in a convenient format. Novel Full Spectrum Optics deliver 120 optical channels of fluorescence data from every tube in parallel, with no moving parts, for reliable multiplex PCR. High performance Peltier elements, and solid silver blocks, provide both speed and world leading thermal uniformity. The result is rapid, precise, quantitative PCR and melting point analysis. Advanced algorithms combined with an intuitive user interface support a broad range of applications, operating systems and connection options. Performance made easy...



 Thermal Cycler PCR


BioSpin Mini Centrifuge


BioGene 96 TOUCH

The BioGene 96 TOUCH cycler is the flagship of Biometrics thermal cycling platform, offering unmatched performance for fast, accurate results and art interface with new ways to optimize protocols and meet any researcher’s unique needs. It enables you to choose from multiple interchangeable block, use the intuitive touch screen interface, optimize PCR assays using the gradient feature, transport your files and data with a USB flash drive, and connect to your laptop/PC for remote monitoring and future upgrading.




MC-6500T / MC-6500S

BioSpin Mini Centrifuges include two models of personal micro-centrifuges for quick spin-downs of small samples. The round design with the small footprint and several choices of models satisfy the laboratory users.The Mini Centrifuge has two models with the rotor of 6×0.5/1.5ml or 2×8/0.2ml strips. It has the specific design to reduce noises.










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