BioSpot-GMT TM Bioaerosol Sampler

The BioSpot-GEM'" bioaerosol sampler, provides fast and easy, yet high efficiency collection of bioaerosol particles directly onto a swab. Designed for field applications,the BioSpot-GEM sampler is portable and easy to use. Environmental and IAQ professionals can ef fectively sample the air for pathogens with the same confidence as a scientific aerosol research expert

  • High quality particle sampling onto a swab
  • Collects 1Onm to 1Oµm particle sizes with 95% effectiveness
  • Concentrated, contamination free collection
  • Small, lightweight and quiet operation
  • Samples directly onto stabilizer (patent pending) for instant DNA/RNA preservation
  • Analysis compatible with virus/microbial testing methods, such as PCR and seqencing

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Magic™ CPC

Introducing the world’s first tippable, self-sustaining, compact, water-based condensation particle counter – it’s like MAGIC!

The new MAGIC CPC uses a patented, three-stage “moderated” condensational growth system to enlarge particles as small as 5 nm into droplets that are easily detected optically (Hering et al, 2014).

  • M – Moderated
  • A – Aerosol
  • G – Growth with
  • I – Internal water
  • C – Cycling

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Universal Spot Sampler- Model : SS110

The Series 110 Universal Spot Sampler provides maximum flexibility for aerosol research requiring a variety of analytical approaches. The common growth tube platform accommodates easy exchange between Liquid Spot and Sequential Spot Collector modules.


1.Patented water condensation technology for high collection efficiency

2. New three-stage condensation technology with no heating of the air flow (patent pending)

3.Sequential, uninterrupted, time-resolved sampling for dry particle collection

4. Concentrated sample deposition

5. Elimination of laboratory sample handling

6. Low acquisition and operating cost

7. Sample plate options

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Liquid Spot Sampler - Model:LSS110

The Series 110 Liquid Spot Sampler instrument collects a concentrated suspension of particles into a small liquid-filled vial. The vial is designed with inlet and outlet ports so the user can configure it for on-line batch sampling of the particle suspension directly into a chemical or biological analyzer. A non-ported sample vial is also included.


1. Direct gentle particle deposition into liquid with no turbulence

2. High collection efficiency from 5 to >100,000nm

3. No particle bounce or re-aerosolization

4.Captures both soluble and insoluble particles

5. Moderate temperatures (25-30̊C) for condensational growth

6. No steam injection required

7. Sub-saturated outlet flow at room temperatures

8.Particles are concentrated in a 0.5-mL volume of liquid

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BioSpot-VIVAS™ – an Enhanced Bioaerosol Sampler

Model BSS310

Inhalation of viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and toxins can lead to respiratory infections and allergic reactions. Existing bioaerosol samplers are designed to collect particles > 0.5µm and therefore have low collection efficiency for viral aerosols, exhaled proteins and other fragments of biological material. Common sampling methods often break apart and inactivate viable viruses and microorganisms through mechanical stress and irreversible desiccation.

  • Airborne disease transmission research
  • Environmental microbiome studies
  • Natural infectious disease/pandemic surveillance in public, transportation, medical and agricultural settings
  • Monitoring biocontamination in clean pharmaceutical aseptic manufacturing
  • Non-invasive medical diagnostics of exhaled breath particulates
  • Biosurveillence for early warning of an aerosolized bioterrorism attack
  • Atmospheric research in ice nucleation and cloud formation

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